Configure Dataverse Search in Power Platform Admin Center | Dynamics 365

Relevance Search in Dynamics 365 CRM recently got renamed to “Dataverse Seach” as you might have seen some updates.

Here’s how to configure the Dataverse Seach in the new Solutions Explorer!


Now, in case you search on the Global Search bar for a record and the table which it lies in doesn’t show up – In this case table I’m looking in is ‘Subscription’ – that means that this entity is not configured for Dataverse Search

Dataverse Search

Here are some points on the Dataverse Search –

  1. Dataverse search is enabled directly is you are opted in to 2021 Wave 2 Updates on your environment.
    Go to and open the desired environment’s Features section from Settings.

    You’ll find that Dataverse Search is already ON.

  2. Now, navigate to to configure the Dataverse Search for a specific entity.
    Go to Solutions and look for the Solution which has your entity
    In this example, I’ll use the custom entity I’ve created called as ‘Subscription’

  3. In any solution which has this entity, I can click on Overview on the left.

    And then if you look at the right hand side – click on Manage Index

  4. It’ll show the entity which is not enabled for Search – But, notice that it is unchecked – means it is not enabled.

    Now, enable and save it

Check if Table is enabled for Dataverse Search

  1. Enable the Table for Search Results. Now, when you are in the Solution in the new Solution Explorer – Look for the Table. In my example, it is Subscription table.
    I’ll open the Settings of the Table.

  2. In the Settings of the Subscription table, you’ll need to expand the Advanced options.

  3. Now, scroll below and you’ll see the option for Appear in Search Results is enabled.

  4. And once this is enabled, the results will show up in Dynamics 365

Indexed Columns

Now, here’s how to understand the count of Indexed columns. Limit of 950 columns is imposed in a Dynamics 365 environment.
Refer Microsoft’s Official Post –

  1. Here’s a snippet from the above mentioned Microsoft Docs to show the count of Indexed Columns calculated towards a Dataverse Search

Hope this helped!

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Thank you!


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