Email Link to View and records from Dynamics 365 CRM | [Quick Tip]

If you want to send an email to a colleague about the view you have and the selected records for them to look at, here’s how you can do with an a feature that has always been in place but we often don’t use it as much. 😊

Email a Link – Selected Records

Here’s the ribbon button you’ve always seen –

  1. If you select multiple records on a View, you can go to the Flyout menu on the ribbon in the main view.

  2. And you’ll see a button called as Of Selected Records. For this option to appear, multiple records must be selected in the view as show in the above screenshot –

  3. Once you click this, the default Email client on your system will open a new Draft email and have the links of the above records populated.

  4. Now, if your email appears as below, it’s best to press Enter after the ending brackets to ensure the hyperlinks appear.
    You can then complete your email so that it’s ready to be sent out.

  5. Next, the same Email a Link is also available from within an individual record itself.

    This will do the same, thing – open the Email client and the record will be ready to be sent out.
  6. If the end user doesn’t have permissions or is unlicensed in Dynamics 365 CRM, they’ll see the below error based on what the issue is –

Email a View

Similarly, Email a View too exists with which you can share your View with other members from the organization.

  1. When there are no records selected, you’ll see the option in the Email a Link flyout menu which says Of Current View.

  2. This will simply create the link of the View you are on and the Email client will draft the link of the View to be sent out.

    Make sure to press enter after the end of the link since it won’t be a hyperlink till then and may appear just as text.
  3. Once the recipient receives the email, the page will simply open in their browser as it appears to the sender.

  4. This won’t works –
    1. If you have added any filters on the main view.
    2. If you are trying to share a Personal View using this link, they should already have permissions of your Personal View. Else, the link will redirect to the Default view of that entity.

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Thank you!!


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