Track and Set Regarding are disabled for Appointments in Dynamics 365 App For Outlook message | Demystified

If you are new to tracking, you probably also want to track the Appointments to Dynamics as well.

Whether this is enabled for you or not is an optional setting and you end up seeing this error message –

Enable Tracking for Appointments, Tasks & Contacts

  1. One of the first places to go and check for Admins when someone reports such an issue is to check if the Appointments, Contacts or Tasks are enabled in Dynamics 365 Outlook or not.

    If you want to navigate to Dynamics 365 App directly and don’t seem to find it in your SiteMap, check this post – Dynamics 365 App For Outlook missing on SiteMap in CRM? Use shortcut link [Quick Tip]
  2. Now that you know the Dynamics 365 App For Outlook is not abled for Appointments, Contacts and Tasks, next, you’ll need to go to Settings > Email Configuration > Mailboxes and switch view to show Active Mailboxes as My Active Mailboxes is usually set to Default.
    Look for the user’s mailbox –
    You’ll find that the Appointments, Contacts and Tasks are not Enabled for Server-Side Synchronization

  3. Enable this and Test & Enable the mailbox

    In case you are also looking to enable Server-Side Sync in general to enable Dynamics 365 App For Outlook, check this post – Summarizing D365 App For Outlook Setup in 3 steps with Exchange Online mailbox

  4. Check this if it should only be enabled for the current Org.

  5. Once the Test is successful, it should now be enabled in Dynamics 365 App For Outlook Settings as well.

  6. Refresh the browser once if you are using Outlook Web App, you should be able to also track Appointments/Contacts/Tasks to Dynamics 365

  7. Now, the meeting invite should be available to track.

    Please note that even if you click on Track, the meeting will only be tracked once you send it out.

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Prevent Contact creation in D365 on tracking Emails from new recipients

Typically, when you track Email/Appoint records from Outlook, unknown senders are created as Contacts in Dynamics 365?

A new Email from unknown recipient.


And if you track this Email using D365 App For Outlook, a new Contact is created in D365 without you being notified about it.

And the Email from the Saved Contact in D365 appears like this

Now, this could be unwanted. And there’s a simple way to turn this off!

Disable Contact/Lead creation

This setting is controlled from your Personal Settings. Under Email tab, look for the option that let’s you create Contacts/Leads for tracked Unknown Recipients.


Once you un-check the same, when you track the Email/Appointment with unknown recipients, new Contacts will not be created.
And you could identify this by simply going into Emails and seeing that the Email address appears rather than a Contact.


Hope this helps.