Project Approvals are stuck in Queued status | PSA / Project Operations Quick Tip

Let’s see if you recently experienced changes in the way you do Approvals in PSA/Project Operations and your Approvals are stuck in Pending/Queued state, here’s what you can do.


Recently, if you noticed some changes in your existing PSA/Project Operations – Approval Sets feature has been introduced that needs tweaking for it to work correctly for you.

You might observe that the Approvals are stuck in Queued status for infinite time and you don’t know when they will be successfully approved.
And they appear something like this –

Approval Threshold in Project Parameters

Now, navigate to Project Parameters as below –

  1. Once in Project Service App, go to Administration area and look for Parameters.

  2. In the Project Parameters record, you’ll find this field called as threshold.

  3. Then, you can enter a Threshold number so that your Approvals are not stuck when you Approve them.

  4. Then, Approve the Time Entries again (from Project Approvals). And they should go through this time.

  5. You’ll see a message that it will denote that the Approvals have been queued for Approvals and that they will be Approved. Then, you can look at the My Past Approvals view to find the completed Approvals view in Approvals.

You can read official Microsoft Docs on Modern Approvals in Project Operations here –

Hope this helped!

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Thank you!

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