Use Rich-Text Control for Multiple Lines of Text in Dynamics 365 CE | Quick Tip

With the addition of the Rich Text Control, your Multiple Lines of Text field can make a lot more sense than before.

Standard Control

Your usual control for Multiple Lines of Text looks like this

Rich Text Control

Now, you can turn this into a Rich Text Editor
Here’s how you do it –

  1. Go to the Multiple Lines of Text field, in this case, Description field.
    select the inner control and click on Properties

  2. Now, look for Controls tab and click on Add Control as shown below

  3. Look for Rich Text Editor Control

  4. Make sure you select the new Control on all formats (or wherever you want to apply)

  5. Once you apply changes and publish, the new Control will be available for you to use.

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Thank you!


6 thoughts on “Use Rich-Text Control for Multiple Lines of Text in Dynamics 365 CE | Quick Tip

      • Yes. but i want my own settings there.
        Reduce toolbar
        Change default font fanily and size
        Use Disallowed content rules



      • I see, then I believe this is not allowed since the way MS wants their Email form to exist, they won’t allow. I haven’t confirmed this, but I guess this could be the reason.


      • Found it in MS documentation:
        “Don’t replace the email activity control with the rich text editor control because it impacts the way images need to be saved and converted. We are working to fully enable using RTE as a replacement for the email activity editor in a future release.”


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