Pinning Records in Dynamics 365 CRM in Unified Interface [Quick Tip]

A small but super useful feature is to be able to access pinned records which you frequently visit / need to visit.

Pinning Records

Here’s how you pin records in Dynamics 365 CRM –

  1. In your left-hand-side of the navigation pane, you’ll see Recents and Pinned section.
    Right away, no records are pinned. You can pin records from Recent items only at this point.

  2. If you expand the Recents section, you can hover over the records to find the pin appear on the records which you want to pin.

  3. Once you pin them, they’ll appear in your Pinned area. Since you Recent records would change over time as you continue to access different records.

  4. In case you want to remove this, you can also unpin by clicking on the unpin icon as shown below

  5. Good thing is that pinned records are available all other Apps as well.
    So you could be in any App and you’ll retain all the Pinned items

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Thank you!!


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